Ascension Activation Sprays

This range of sprays in blue bottles are specifically created for Empaths, to enhance the Practitioner/client experience, AND allow the soul seeker to ‘Be Your Own Guru’ on your personal ascension path.  Not only do they directly connect you with, and allow you to channel the energy of the specific Ascended Master, they also activate/embed codes of light within your DNA and that of your client.  They are sentient and deliver what is required at the time.  Co-created with the Ascended Masters, their Divine Source power expands consciousness, elevates vibrational frequencies and accelerates the ascension path.  To order, email  or attend an experiential workshop.

(accompanying Alchemy Amulets are created by Kate McLean of Sage Feather –

Joan of Arc – Divine Courage

Joan of Arc is an Ascended Master.  She has made this Divine Essence to help give you the courage to enact your Divine Mission, without fear of persecution. If you know you have a mission which is startling in what it will contribute to humanity, Joan of Arc will support you, guide you and clear the path ahead, so you can carry out your Divine instructions with unswerving faith and joy, even when many doubt your Divine insight.  A warrior woman of small physical stature, but an energy of victorious proportions, Joan of Arc is here for you in this modern time.

Colour ray:  Iridescent Orange
Chakras: Sacral, Crown and higher chakras up to 13th Stellar Gateway
Essential oils include – Australian Mandarin, Frankincense, Cedar, Myrrh, Ylang Ylang, Cassis, Jasmine, Peppermint
Frequencies:  Sovereignty, Diamond Light codes, Divine Courage, Unconditional love when faced with conflict resolution, protection from negative forces when working in the Control Matrix, Divine inspiration and clarity, Protective Diamond Energy Shield, Peaceful Warrior, Channeling Divine Source, Sacred Geometry
Additional attributes:  uplifts, soothes and calms overactive mind, promotes confidence, optimism, euphoria, concentration, clarity, stimulates senses

$77 – 100 ml spray bottle

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 Gaia – Heavenly Earth

Ground to the Heart of the Earth.  Replenish and restore your physical and holistic health and happiness.  Ground your IAM presence.  Return to your Divine Blueprint.  Heaven meets Earth within the Human Soul.  Access all Beings of Light, all answers lie within.

Crystal: Gaia Stone
Colour ray:  Iridescent green
Chakras: Earth Star, Base, Heart, Higher Heart (Thymus), Crown, Soul Star, Universal, Cosmic, Divine Gateway
Essential Oils include: Vetiver, Frankincense, Cedar, Juniper, Palo Santo, Ylang Ylang
Frequencies: access to your Divine Blueprint, Akashic Records, New Earth consciousness, Oneness, Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine, IAM presence, Unity Consciousness, 5th  – 18th dimension, Diamond Light codes, star light, moonlight, solar light, connect with all Beings of Light, Sacred Geometry
Additional attributes: set new seeds of intention, access healing information for self, others, animal kingdom and the environment, access the natural high/euphoria of the God Source, stability/groundedness, softness and patience, stillness, rhythm of the natural cycles of creation, layers and stages of growth, rebirth/regeneration/refreshment of the physical body, mind and heart, new Earth co-creation, environmental consciousness.

$77  100ml spray bottle

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St Germain – Violet Fire

ST Germain is an Ascended Master who is the Keeper of the Violet Flame.  The Violet Flame is a high-frequency spiritual energy that brings about energetic balance and spiritual transformation, in body, mind and soul.  It is here to serve all spiritual beings, and when invoked with respect and grace, it gives purity and dignity to all living things.  Not only does it transmute karma of past events, it restores the relationships between human beings, allowing connection and self-empowerment.  It transmutes all dense energy that originates when we are out of alignment with our true, authentic self, and ultimately results in dis-ease in the physical body if not addressed.    This is perhaps THE most powerful spiritual tool available to humanity today, and enhances all healing work, whether personal, or as a practitioner.  The Violet Flame lifts your vibration using the physics of string-theory.  When used consistently, it can transform your life at all levels.  Put simply. The Violet Flame is like spiritual soap that transforms all dark energy into Light.

Colour ray:  Violet
Chakras: All
Essential oils include Lemon Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Lemon Myrtle, Lavender Spike
Frequencies:  11/11 Gateway, Transmutation

$77 – 100 ml spray bottle

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