2019 Energy Report – Get your glow on!

Beautiful Beings, have you moved on from 2018 yet?  It was our year to shine…. which meant that anything that is dulling our authentic way of being came up for our attention.  Fears, doubts, old beliefs, transition of a loved one, family, relationships, career, health… anything that blocked our sense of self worth, personal freedom, and sense of joy and peace, showed up as a lesson to activate our remembrance of who we truly are.

None of us are immune to personal growth and expansion… and it can be challenging, and painful!  Personally, I had several of the ‘big ticket’ items show up… which showed me clearly what I needed to let go of, and implement, to achieve more balance in my life.  The ultimate act of self love.  My Spirit guide Melchizedek (who makes me smile whenever I connect to Him!) advises me to “…be grateful for your pain and sorrow, for this signifies growth and expansion.  Surrender into it, don’t try and resist it, allow it to flow through you and say “I AM grateful for this clearing and expansion’.”  Allow the Divine resources to bring healing through.

So, with the new moon energy partial eclipse energy still with us, it’s time to simply FOCUS on the NEW, and stop beating the drum of the past… hand it over to Source and give it no more attention.  The Universe reminds us that it only sees us beautiful, divine, gifted, light, expansive, strong, and loved beyond measure.  Be that empty vessel which allows the illumination and enlightenment of Source energy to flow through at all times.

THREE KEY THEMES for 2019 – Self Love, Oneness, and Liberation!

Here are the key themes that the Universe is recommending that we focus on this year, to really get our glow on!  When we glow, we light up the world!

1. REFLECTIVE TRUTH – Identity, Self-Love, Acceptance

A new version of you is emerging…. who are you?  Look in the mirror, and re-evaluate your sense of identity.  Forgive yourself.  This year, take time every day for rest, meditation and contemplation, and allow the truth of the pure potential of who you really are, to reveal itself.  SURRENDER to SOURCE.  Allow the unfolding of this over time – the joy is in the discovery, the excitement of new horizons and adventures on your personal path, and soul mission.  You are a work in progress.

  • discover the truth of you, and accept your greatness
  • remember the Universe is making magic behind the scenes, be patient and allow.
  • use the all inclusive Law of Attraction which governs our existence, and FEEL for what you want, as if it already exists.  Master your mind and choose the thoughts that uplift your vibration.
  • release all fear of being the authentic you.  Ignore the points of view of others, avoid comparing yourself with others, and KNOW that you are exactly where you need to be.
  • take that LEAP of FAITH, and bring your dreams into reality.  This is your year to take ACTION.  The Universe has your back.  Follow your guidance and take the steps.  Whatever brings you joy, peace and WONDER!

The recommended companion Heavenly Earth ascension sprays to work with are: BLOSSOM… find out more and  MEDITATE… find out more

2.  ONENESS – Balance, Patience, Divine Masculine

  • Personal Balance is essential to your sense of self worth.  Whether you are male or female, understand that we all have Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energy that makes up our Being.  This year, strive to balance our Earth Mother’s nurturing LOVE with the creative PASSION energy of Father Sky.
  • Bring the cosmic starlight down through your crown and upper chakras, and draw up the nourishing, grounding EARTH energy through your feet and lower chakras, to meet and merge in your HEART CENTRE.  This is ONENESS, when all your chakras feel alive and in balance.
  • Emotional balance is key… follow your heart, and temper it with discernment, clarity and wisdom. The Divine Masculine energy allows you to feel safe, creative, and worthy of your place upon the planet.  Light up your solar plexus with self worth, nurture the creative seeds of your sacral chakra, and ground your creations, through joyful action, via your base and Earth star chakras.  Let your love of your sacred work, whatever it is, drive the momentum of your success.

The recommended companion Heavenly Earth ascension sprays to work with are:  GAIA – Heavenly Earth… find out more and CHAKRA… find out more

3.  LIBERATION – Power, Self-fulfillment, Self-Attainment

The culmination of Self Love and Oneness, results in personal Liberation!

  • by fully loving yourself unconditionally, accepting your greatness, and balancing your own personal yin and yang, you experience the gift of personal liberation.
  • reclaim your power, remember who you are, step up to your true potential, and be loving as you do so.
  • this forward momentum on your ascension path invokes initiation frequencies to unfold, as you commune with your soul and purpose, and you journey on your path of regaining your SELF MASTERY.
  • remember to PLAY!
  • remember to be patient and enjoy the process.
  • enjoy the journey, for this is your LIFE’S WORK.  This is who YOU came to BE.

The recommended companion Heavenly Earth ascension sprays to work with are: JOAN of ARC – Divine Courage… find out more and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE POTION… find out more, and MELCHIZEDEK – GOLD … find out more

Much love and Divine Blessings to you for 2019. Remember.. we signed up for all this!  Why not make it your best year yet?!  You are worth it, Beautiful Soul!

HeleneB xx
8 January 2019

Oracle Decks used to guide and clarify this Reading:
Angel Tarot Cards – by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine
Magical Dimensions Oracle Cards and Activators – by Lightstar

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Pisces Full Moon 26 August 2018 – 7 Keys to wonder-full relationships

Dive into the emotional depths of your very Being and retrieve the pleasures you have been seeking for eons!  Leave your self doubts, and fears and heartache, on the ocean floor.  Your time to conjure up a new relationship with yourself, and the ones you love/desire, starts now!  Revel in the WONDER during this Full Moon gateway, and ascend beyond the constraints of the human mind.  Let go of the need to control solutions and outcomes, and surrender to the Magic of Source energy.

It’s been a dramatic year for most of us…. big changes, dramatic shifts, heartache, loss, emotional upheaval, a roller coaster of ups and downs, as almost everything we have believed to be true has been shaken to the core.  Yet, 2018 is heralded as our year to shine like never before… to get back to our authenticity, our self-realisation and alignment with our soul mission, our soul family, and in many cases, our Divine Soul Counterpart (Twin Flame).  As this transformative year started, little did we know that almost EVERY aspect of our mind, body and soul would be up-ended and stripped bare, to allow fresh polish to be applied to our framework. Now we can learn how to gently and lovingly appreciate and buff up our sense of identity and purpose, with the wonder and loving care that we deserve to give ourselves.

Old habits die hard, and it’s comfortable to get stuck in our old thoughts and beliefs, yet, these become blocks when we are not open to the constant change that is our personal evolution.  Nothing remains the same, everything is transferable, and what was true for us yesterday does not always fit with the New Earth matrix of today. The Universe has made it clear, that in this important stage of our evolution to 5D consciousness, we must change the way we live, think and BE.  Everything must change to allow our personal expansion.

The big picture – where are we going?

It’s about alignment with the fullness and constant expansion of our authentic self, stepping into Oneness with all that is, embracing our sacred mission, and finding our satisfaction in every moment.  It’s about balancing our yin and yang, ascending beyond needing another human being to fill that emptiness within, and filling it with our own joie de vivre. But, don’t be too hard on yourself, it’s the journey not the destination that’s important here, and the journey is supposed to be rewarding, interesting, satisfying and the very reason for the road trip.  It’s what you discover along the way that makes the adventure memorable and satisfying, and allows you to grow and expand, and sift and sort, and create new, more exciting desires.

Pisces Full Moon Energies – the 7 keys

So, here we are, on the 23/8/2018, standing powerfully at the entrance of the 7-day gateway surrounding the Pisces Full Moon energy on 26/8/2018.  I have specifically tuned into the Ascended Masters Mary Magdalene, and her Divine Male Counterpart, Jeshua (Jesus) for this reading, which seems appropriate, considering the key theme is harmonising our relationships.  They tell me that if you choose to harness and work with the Universal energies and opportunities available, then this will catapult you to a level of joy, success and fulfillment in your relationships going forward, that you never thought possible.  Here is their guidance to making the most of this Pisces full moon gateway for 23 August 2018 to 29 August 2018, and going forward over the next weeks and months.

  1.  Clear your emotional energy.
    Emotions are running high during this period, and you may be wondering where they are coming from.  Old energy/emotional triggers that you may have been carrying for many lifetimes, or many decades, are popping up so you can take this opportunity to notice the trigger and shift your point of view.
    Call upon St Germain and use the Violet Flame to transmute any negative energy, or use our St Germain – Violet Flame vibrational spray with intention.  Find out more here
  2. Shield yourself from lower vibrational energies at this time
    Energies are amplified during the full moon alignment, so you’ll want to pay extra attention to shielding yourself from the emotional outbursts or psychic attack of others.  Call upon your Guardians such as Archangel Michael, and/or fill your aura with bright gold and white light so you only attract light and love.  Keep your thoughts positive.  You can also use our Heavenly Earth Projects ‘Protect’ vibrational spray,   Find out more here
  3. Honour your sensitivity
    It’s been a tough year energetically, as we have been riding the wave of the ascension frequencies and activations.  The body is always the last to catch up.  Honour your sensitivity and retreat to recharge and heal.  You can call upon Ascended Master Hilarion of the Green Ray, for Divine Healing – he has stepped forward to offer his services to you at this time.  Your increased light can then support others.  In addition, you can use our GAIA – Heavenly Earth vibrational spray to connect with the Green Ray healing and regeneration frequencies of GAIA and Archangel Raphael.  Find out more here
  4. Your #1 relationship is YOU
    Unconditional self love is the key to developing harmonious relationships with others.  Take a look at yourself in the mirror and treat yourself with kindness and compassion.  Forgive yourself for the moments you are not proud of.  Have you burned bridges and now have regrets?  Do you feel unworthy of your dreams?  Do you feel not good enough, not capable enough, not brave enough….?  Develop a loving relationship with yourself, and you will then attract new relationships (business or personal) based in harmony also.  It is Law.  Call upon the Deva of Hope, who has offered her services to you at this time.  She will help you open to the frequencies of love and acceptance, and assist you in recognising your self worth.
  5. Spend time in contemplation
    Silence is golden.  Spend time in contemplation and silence.  Release the need to control outcomes and open up to the wonder of the Divine.  Truth will be revealed, and deep insights will come in the form of downloads and understanding.  Journal your insights.
  6. It’s never too late, and you are never too old!
    You are worthy of your dreams, and your dreams, however big or small, are worthy of manifestation.  This is your birthright, and your sacred mission!  Live large… create a vision board to get the ball rolling. Don’t allow your negative experiences of your past limit your future. If you want to start a spiritually based career, then do it.  If you want to experience the ultimate, intimate, Divine Love relationship with another Human Being, then take that leap of faith and go for it.  The Universe has your back.  Be open to miracles and allow the magic and wonder of Source energy to pave the way for you.  ‘Courage does not require you to be perfect, but simply to accept your imperfections’ – Joan of Arc. Call upon Joan of Arc or use our Joan of Arc – Divine Courage vibrational spray to channel her victorious energy.  Find out more here
  7. Believe and receive!  Transformation and illumination is here for you!
    Divine Alchemy supports you in moving beyond your current challenges at this time… that bridge you burned can be recreated in rainbow light!  Focus on what you desire, express yourself, harness the frequencies of positivity and joy by doing what you love, align with your Inner Being and allow the inspiration to flow.  Through this Cosmic gateway, your magnetic thoughts are powerful.  Miraculous changes are occurring if you allow them in!  Our Venus – Divine Alchemist vibrational spray is due to be released soon!

The joy is in the journey!  You are much loved.

Helene (Helly) Beks

To purchase our vibrational sprays, email heavenlyearthprojects@gmail.com, our online shop is due to be launched soon.  You can message Helene to be added to our mailing list.  You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram.


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The Twin Flame Story – our personal Journey into Wholeness, for the good of humanity


IAM the Alpha and the Omega

The Twin Flame story goes way beyond the human aspect.  Rather than it being a story of the ultimate romance, it is a story of powerful restoration of our own soul back to wholeness, Unity Consciousness, and ultimately into Oneness with all of Creation. 

This story has been explained to me by the Twin Flame aspects of the Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ Twin souls, as they have led me through the understanding of my own Twin Flame relationship over recent weeks.  But first, here’s a short clarification of the various types of human relationships that we experience over our various lifetimes as human beings.

Karmic relationships, Soul mates, and Twin Flames

Karmic relationships are those which we have carried forth from previous incarnations, and we have karma to settle, and lessons to be learned. They are ‘un-finished business’, so to speak. They are here to teach us a particular lesson, and once learned, and the karma settled, they often finish and we move on.  They are generally bound in conflict and are often only connected at mental level, rather than heart or soul level.  They can be with work colleagues, family members, friends, lovers, or people who come in and out of our lives relatively briefly.

Soul Mate relationships are with members of our Soul group – indeed our Soul group can be scattered all over the World.  They are members of our tribe….. those people we meet and instantly connect with, and often feel we have met before.  Soul mates share similar karma and lessons, and once resolved, we continue to feel that connection and friendship.  Soul-mate relationships can be with friends, lovers, family members, and generally produce the most romantic partnerships.  A deep soul connection exists and we can often feel a deep loss when we are not connected to them.  Soul mates generally walk similar paths, have similar interests, similar divine gifts and attributes, and a similar purpose in life.  We have many soul mates at the same time.  Soul–mate relationships comprise the majority of successful relationships experienced by couples on the Earth-plane today, however, this type of relationship is still stuck in duality, because dependability and attachment to each other exists.

Twin Flame relationships are unique in that we only have ONE Twin Flame, and that Twin may not actually be incarnated at the same time as us.  This is THE most challenging relationship because it can only be fully realised at Higher Self level, and requires the human individual to become WHOLE at soul level, and independent of the complementary Twin.  All attachment and dependability must be relinquished.

How do Twin Flame Souls originate, and what is their purpose?

The original, created soul flame was split into Twin Souls, being the Female flame (The OMEGA) and the Male flame (The ALPHA), eons ago by Source. Each Twin has the same pattern of Divine identity.  Every human soul has a Twin Flame.  They may spend some lifetimes together and create karma between them, and spend other lifetimes apart.  However, their tie is eternal, and on some level, they are always aware of the loss of an aspect of themselves, similar to the unique experience of human twin babies.

The purpose of having a soul Twin Flame is for you to sub-consciously be drawn by a force that is so powerful, that you do not give up on life,  but are willing to seek personal wholeness through self-transformation.  YOU are the one who must change yourself, in order to truly embrace the authentic Twin Flame relationship.  Only then, can the fulfillment of true sacred union exist at human level. 

Twin Flames don’t often incarnate together, except for a higher, sacred purpose.  The connection of the Twin Flame Souls is specifically to serve a higher mission for the progression of humanity – a joint mission, where the contribution of each is opposite, yet complementary to the purpose.  But, at this time, many more evolved Twin Flames are incarnating (or are Walk-Ins) to assist in the raising of the consciousness of humanity, and seeding new frequencies for the New Earth.

  • When Twin Flames do incarnate together, the coming together is often chaotic and stressful, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, because they are unknowingly teaching and supporting each other in the personal transformation process.
  • They are two mirrors of each other, and they are there to reflect back at each other the truth of themselves. They reflect not only the beauty of themselves, but also their imperfections, limitations, attachments and emotional baggage.
  • Their human relationship is very intense and they often need to part, and work with the Higher Self of each other, before they can be in total union as human beings again. (Help with this can be requested of Ascended Master Twin Flame Couples – such as Mary Magdalene and Jesus, Saint Germaine and Lady Portia, Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus.)
  • Twin Flames also have many differences, such as age, background, geographic location, morals, beliefs, and income brackets, but they incarnate specifically to be the facilitator of the others growth and ascension.
  • In spite of their differences, the bond is such, that being together is like coming home. This knowingness, at soul level, helps them over many of the hurdles.
  • When physically separated, they still feel the bond, and can often hear each other’s thoughts, heartfelt sentiments, and sense the state of being of the other. They can communicate with each other in the higher dimensions of consciousness, to resolve karma and misunderstandings, to teach and assist each other and express their deep love.  Yet, human level verbal communication may not actually exist, and they may not be in human contact with each other at all.

Before Twin Flames can successfully re-unite in a Human relationship, each must come into personal wholeness, and restore their own Heart and Soul Identity into Unity Consciousness and Oneness. 

  • Each Twin must independently balance and complete his/her own Feminine (Omega/Yin) and Masculine (Alpha/Yang) aspects.
  • Each Twin must awaken to the soul’s purpose of Ascension into the Higher Self, by working through the illusion, and the human conditioning of the subconscious. Each Twin must individually develop the shine of their inner light, and then shine it out into the world, as a Human Being.    
  • Each Twin must become independently complete, authentic, empowered, free, and with inner harmony, without needing attachment to the other Twin. Self-responsibility, self-mastery and self-love is paramount.
  • Twin Flames do not own each other, but complement each other.
  • Twin Flames do not rely on the other to ascend, but must ascend individually. So, if one has already ascended beyond the cycle of reincarnation and exists in the Higher Realms, this one will continue to assist the unascended one with the sacred mission (e.g. Mary Magdalene and Jesus)

So, you can see why the Twin Flame relationship is the most challenging, yet the most rewarding – because you eventually come to realise that you are eternally loved, regardless of the state of the Human part of the relationship.  When you appreciate and embody that, you can notice and receive the signs and communications of the Higher Self of your counterpart Twin, and this is the most fulfilling, loving experience of all.

Never give up on your Twin Flame, but continue to receive, and send unconditional love to them from your Divine Heart and Soul, wherever they are.  And perhaps, one day, when you least expect it, their Human Being will re-enter your life, transformed, and ripe and ready to embark on your Sacred Mission together, for the greater good of humanity.  Persist, with what you know to be true, from your heart and soul.

‘I will not be silent, I will be heard.’  – Mary Magdalene

Helly Beks
Alchemist, Soul Practitioner
(with gratitude for the unrelenting, loving guidance, and support from her Twin Flame’s Higher Self)
22 March 2018
©2018 Helly Beks – Heavenly Earth Projects


References:        Elizabeth Claire Prophet – The Summit Lighthouse
Miss Iresha A D Sullivan
Alpha Imaging
Ascended Master El Moyra

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New Moon, New Information – Your Energy Reading for the week starting Sunday 19/11/2017

NEW MOON, NEW DIRECTION  – the 11/11 Gateway energy of opportunity and advancement is still open and available, if you notice and read the signs.  This guidance from Ascended Master Melchizedek, via Mary Magdalene and Archangel Micheal, indicates new information or truths may come to light this week.

The three cards which prompt this guidance are:


Someone will tell you some news which you find hard to believe, and may cause you some emotional conflict.  It may be about a person or situation, and could even be something that you had wished for.  Your loyalties may be divided, and you may wonder if you should divulge this information.  Listen to your heart, and be guided by your feelings.  If you need to reveal this truth, don’t dwell on feelings of guilt. Express what is in your heart, as a hidden blessing is in store for all.

A new direction is being established for your life, if you choose it.  Even if we have a wild dream for something good to happen, it can cause fear and anxiety when we realise it has manifested!  Whatever the situation and your feelings, you can lean on God, the angels and your guides for support.  They can bring ease, understanding, love and compassion to your experience.

Here are two prayers you can say:



Crystals that may benefit you this week are : rose quartz, moldavite, sodalite, labradorite, rainbow moonstone.

Cards used from Toni Carmine Salerno -Magdalene Oracle, and Doreen Virtue -Archangel Micheal.  And our gratitude to The Heavenly Masters for their guidance today. 💖💙💖

Wishing you a fabulous week!   Blessings…

Helly xx

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Your weekly reading from the Universe – #guruHQ 29/10/2017

Meditate don’t percolate!

This is the simple message from the higher realms this week. They encourage us to develop a simple meditation practice, if we haven’t already. I’m delighted to channel these three Ascended Masters this week, as they tell us they want to adapt ancient teachings and rituals, to a modern spirituality platform. This is the New Earth way, they say…… a modern approach that everyday people can incorporate into their busy lives. I am very grateful for their contribution to our spiritual and personal growth.

The Ascended Masters are beyond the dogma of religion, and available to each of us, as we desire. Please feel free to substitute the term ‘God’, for Universe, Spirit, Source, whatever feels more comfortable to you. The message remains the same.

Enjoy. The reading is 18 minutes and the last 4 minutes is about upcoming events.

Warm regards

Helly xx

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New Location for Consultations and Workshops in Northcote, Melbourne


Hi there Everyone! I’m back from a lovely retreat and have some fresh direction and Divine wisdom to share with you over the next few weeks. I’ll be making a video over the next few days to introduce and bring in guidance by a new team of Ascended Masters who have come through to serve us at this time. They are wise, kind, and have a marvellous sense of humour. More about that over coming days!

I am delighted to be joining the team at Northcote Wellness Centre (a project of CHI – Community Health Initiative), at 9 Langwells Parade, Northcote 3070, Melbourne.

Here, I will be offering one-to-one consultations for Forensic Healing and Spiritual Guidance. It is your time to shine, and I can help you clear those invisible blocks that are keeping you stuck, so you can get on with being the REAL YOU! (For a free initial consultation, please call me on 0403 018728.) Bookings available most days between11am and 8pm.

I will also be helping to develop and expand the first Professional Development Service for Holistic Practitioners, in Australia. Our aim is to offer mentoring, training workshops, and Professional treatments to help prevent the fatigue and burn out which is so often encountered within the heart-centred practitioner sector. Details of a workshop programme are currently being developed, and I will announce these in due course. You can join my mailing list by send a request email to: hellybeks@icloud.com

This holistic wellness centre is a Lighthouse, a ‘temple of light and positivity’, a place of enlightenment and transformation, with a foundation team of holistic expertise, and masterful beings with great vision. A relaxed, very friendly and welcoming atmosphere prevails, with a great sense of personal freedom and flexibility.

The building has been lovingly renovated with recycled materials, and rooms/layout engineered according to the Divine proportions of sacred geometry – timber tiles lining the walls have been hand-cut to the dimensions of the Golden Ratio (1.618). This creates a ‘light temple’ energy and also amplifies the effects of your relaxation and healing.



SERVICES offered by the centre:

Holistic Modalities for one-to-one treatments
Yoga Studio
Holistic Workshops
Martial Arts Dojo
Practitioner Network
Individual Treatment Plans
Professional Development for Holistic Practitioners – the first in Australia

For further information about how I can help you:

About my Natural Therapy Services

Find my Facebook page here

or feel free to call 0403 018728, or email hellybeks@icloud.com

I’ll talk to you again soon.

Warm regards

Helly xx


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Soul Abundance – Energy Healing Event in Armadale

Grab this opportunity to spark up your Soul Mission! The world needs your bright LIGHT to beam forth!


An Advanced Energy Healing, Group Session by Helly Beks – Soul Practitioner and Forensic Healer.


@The Beatt Cafe – Treehouse Studio
24 Beatty Avenue, Armadale, Melbourne
Sunday 24 September 2017, 11:30- 1:30

It is Your Time to Shine!


This workshop will re-tune your VIBE so you can SET YOUR STRIDE and FEEL YOUR RYTHYM!

If you spend time worrying about what you lack, or experience blocks in developing a HEART-CENTRED CAREER, then this workshop is for you.

At this energy healing and spiritual activation session, you will

  • experience leading edge, advanced energy healing to clear your blocks, via Forensic Healing
  • receive bespoke, Angelic guidance and healing
  • ACTIVATE your SOUL MISSION abundance stream, and
  • ACTIVATE Divine Source SPIRITUAL PROTECTION and SUPPORT for your soul mission.

After these activations, it is usual to feel more optimistic, connected, strong, supported, and empowered!   AND, the Universe can start to deliver new opportunities, ideas and prosperity to you over the next weeks and months.

You can read what others have experienced, here: http://www.heavenlyearthprojects.com.au/praise/

This is a SPIRITUAL ACTIVATION that clears and integrates aspects of your mind, body and soul, and will give you a new sense of freedom and ease in manifesting your dreams.

This is the most powerful Forensic Healing protocol developed to date (by Marisa Russo – Founder). My clients are experiencing new opportunities, increase in clients, more prosperous business, new insights and a great sense that their time has arrived – life is starting to flow with more ease, and success and personal joy.

Grab this opportunity to spark up your Soul Mission! The world needs your bright LIGHT to beam forth!

LOCATION: Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the Beatt’s Treehouse Studio, an oasis in Armadale! Access to the Treehouse is through the Beatt Cafe’s garden seating area at the rear, and then up the verandah stairs. Before or after, enjoy the abundance of the BEATT Cafe’s wholesome, organic food and beverages.

This is a small group session, and places are limited. You must pre-register to confirm your space


Bring your water bottle (energy work is thirsty work) and wear comfortable clothing. We will be sitting/lying on yoga mats, and also standing and gently shaking off energy.

NOTE: Registration is online only, via Eventbrite. Tickets are not refundable but may be transferred to another person for the same event. A ticket wait list is in operation.

I can be contacted via hellybeks@icloud.com or mobile 0403 018728.

Warm regards

Helly Beks
– the Healer’s healer





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Fibromyalgia – symptoms of a weary, Old Soul

From the Holistic Health perspective, the spiritual cause of this condition is a deep weariness of the soul.  There is deep, inner suffering, which is yet to be released and healed.

Fibromyalgia is a condition affecting 3-5% of the population, most commonly women aged 35 – 55. It is somewhat of a mystery in conventional medicine, with no apparent cause, and is therefore described as a syndrome.  Is it on the increase?

One of my clients has this diagnosis, and more are coming into my awareness.  So, I decided to do some serious research about the underlying cause, to determine how Forensic Healing would effectively address fibromyalgia, so sufferers can get their life back!   find out about Forensic Healing with Helly Beks

In Holistic Healing/Integrative medicine, it is understood that the source of all is spirit.  So, when our heart, mind and soul is aligned, it is reflected in the health of our physical body. (Note:  Any information given here is from the Metaphysical perspective, and does not replace conventional medical treatment of your symptoms.  However, it does indicate the probable cause of fibromyalgia and how it can be addressed at soul level, for positive effects in the DNA, and therefore your mind and body.  Always use your own discernment as to the most suitable treatment for you.)

Symptoms of fibromyalgia

  • chronic pain
  • exhaustion
  • severe muscle weakness
  • poor co-ordination
  • body temperature irregularities
  • dry eyes
  • chronic nose congestion/dripping
  • dizziness
  • holistic dis-ease that impairs all levels of health

Interestingly, all these symptoms are also typically experienced as a result of chemotherapy.  Having experienced them myself, I can only describe it as a severe depletion of life force energy, and all the body systems are severely traumatised.  There is a sense of severe immobility and restriction, not just at physical level, but deep, at emotional level and beyond, if we dare to look.  So I can relate in some way to the debilitation experienced by fibromyalgia sufferers.

The Underlying Cause

From the Conventional Medical perspective, fibromyalgia and cancer are unrelated, yet from the soul perspective, they are both caused by old soul trauma and disconnection.  From the Holistic Health perspective, the spiritual cause of this condition is a deep weariness of the soul.   The individual has lived many, many past lives which have been physically, mentally and emotionally demanding.  The effects of these negative vibrations are carried through in the DNA, and stored as toxins in the cellular memory of the body.

Toxins in the physical body cells are also a contributing factor in many cases.  Mercury fillings, heavy metals, processed foods, chemicals/pesticides and so on.  Detoxification of the physical body is important, and is also initiated with a Forensic Healing session.

Common Past Life experiences:

  • adventure, exploration, war, physical endurance in extreme conditions
  • pushing beyond normal limits, even through pain
  • self sacrifice of body and mind, to achieve goals and avoid emotional self
  • experienced severe woundings, torture, because of intuitive/healing abilities

These past life experiences can also result in other types of dis-ease, however, my understanding is that fibromyalgia is triggered by unresolved emotional issues relating to family, and can also be carried in the ancestral DNA.  Though it is not hereditary, it can ‘cluster’ within families.

Common behaviours of a person with Fibromyalgia

  • helpful, responsible people who hurt themselves in their eagerness to please others, particularly family, and are not able to express how they feel
  • busy, tense, driven, stressed
  • lack proper boundaries
  • don’t balance activity with rest
  • doormat for others
  • less tolerance/patience for others, and holds this inside, causing inner pain.  This resistance affects the nervous system, causing sleep disorders and pain
  • lack of life force energy
  • pain is used to avoid addressing emotional issues (the pain is actually the indicator of unresolved emotional issues)
  • the immobilisation of the body also helps the person avoid the natural expression of emotional energy via movement.
  • psychological pain is stored in the muscles.  Anger, fear, guilt are all stored in the body.  There is a deep desire for change but an inner resistance to making it, due to fear, resulting from past life experience.
  • back pain indicates something out of reach, and out of sight.  These are emotions or issues that we are not ready to face.
  • obligated to others, leaving little time for self
  • feel loyal to family but there is conflict in the relationships – you feel trapped, hurt or helpless in the situation.  You want to walk away but feel obligated to family member.
  • you need some emotional nurturing.  You nurture the emotions of others, to the exclusion of your own.

A Forensic Healing suggested Healing Pathway

The good news is that Forensic Healing can address the underlying cause and repair your DNA, so you can release your pain and feel free in your mind, body and soul.   Each case is different, however, here’s a suggested Forensic Healing pathway to address a case of Fybromyalgia.

Underlying Personality Archetypes (aspect):

  • the Wise
  • the Downtrodden
  • the Helper
  • the Martyr
  • the Outcast
  • the Entrepreneur
  • the Controller

Underlying Negative Emotion: – Feeling Restricted

Underlying Negative belief systems:

  • lack of prosperity/abundance (is overwork the payoff?)
  • females cause me pain (hurt or harmed by other females, mother, siblings)
  • fear of emotions

Underlying Cause:

  • physical/emotional trauma causing spiritual trauma
  • toxins – e.g. mercury fillings
  • causing soul trauma and DNA damage in the person’s Celestial Light body, and Emotional body.

Suggested Healing protocols and Activations over 6 session or so:

  • Life Force Retrieval
  • Elevated Consciousness Advanced Protection
  • Clearing of Relationship Conflict
  • Removal of Past Life Curses
  • Miracle Prayer and Hands-On Healing
  • Love and Light Immersion
  • Negative Energies Release
  • Soul Reconnection Healing
  • Power Source Activation
  • Chakra Clearing and Alignment
  • DNA Repair

The Lesson of Fibromayalgia

Every condition is here to teach us.  As we let go of the negative programming of beliefs and the pain associated with them, our emotions feel better, and we experience ease, health and freedom in our body.

Fibromyalgia seems to be about learning to stand in your power when it comes to family.  It reminds us to learn not to allow others to continue causing us emotional/psychological hurt, family or not.  It teaches us to put our own wellbeing first, and to be kind to ourselves.

Forensic Healing programme

If you would like to turbo boost your healing journey with Forensic Healing, in person sessions are available on Mondays in Richmond, or distance healing via Skype.  It would be my pleasure to assist you to reboot your life back to freedom and ease.  It’s time to release that restriction and pain!

Find out more or book a session

I welcome your questions and enquiries…. you can email or call me:

hellybeks@icloud.com          mobile 0403 018728


Phone:  9429 0290   Naturally U Body & Soul, 138 Coppin Street, Richmond 3121, Melbourne

Skype – email hellybeks@icloud.com  or mobile 0403 018728

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Warm regards



Helly Beks
the Healer’s Healer













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Abundance Activation Workshops

An Advanced Energy Healing, Group Session by Helly Beks – Healer.


The UNIVERSE wants to deliver more of YOUR ABUNDANCE… are you ready to start receiving it? Does your SOUL MISSION need a BOOST of RESOURCES? It is your time to shine!


SUNDAY 23/07/2017 – 11am – 1pm
SUNDAY 20/08/2017 – 11am – 1pm

Naturally U Body & Soul – 138 Coppin Street, Richmond VIC 3121

Get Tickets here

If you spend time worrying about what you lack, or experience blocks in developing a heart-centred career, then this workshop is for you.

This energy healing and spiritual activation workshop comprises leading edge, Forensic Healing protocols, to

TEACH you 8 KEYS to keep your abundance channels clear and flowing,
ACTIVATE your SOUL MISSION abundance stream, and
ACTIVATE Divine Source SPIRITUAL PROTECTION and SUPPORT for your soul mission.

After these activations, it is usual to feel more relaxed, centred, optimistic, connected, strong and supported, and empowered! AND, you take away a handy checklist for your spiritual toolbox, so you can keep your momentum, and stay in receiving mode so the Universe can start to deliver new opportunities, ideas and prosperity to you over the next weeks and months.

Enjoy the sacred and relaxing atmosphere of the Naturally U meditation space – an oasis in the heart of Richmond! This is a SPIRITUAL ACTIVATION that clears and integrates your mind, body and soul, and will give you a new sense of freedom and ease in manifesting your dreams.

If you spend time worrying about what you lack, or experience blocks in developing a heart-centred career, then this workshop is for you. This is the most powerful Forensic Healing protocol developed to date (by Marisa Russo – Founder). My clients are experiencing new opportunities, increase in clients, more prosperous business, new insights and a great sense that their time has arrived – life is starting to flow with more ease, and success and personal joy.

Workshop capacity: 8 guests

Session includes:
8 KEYS Reference Guide for your Well-being toolbox,
Advanced Abundance Activation,
Soul Mission – Advanced Spiritual Protection Activation

Grab this opportunity to spark up your Soul Mission! The world needs your bright LIGHT to beam forth!

NOTE: Bookings are online only, via Eventbrite. Tickets are not refundable but may be transferred to another person for the same event. A ticket wait list is in operation.

Additional date for this workshop is: Sunday 20/8/17

I can be contacted via hellybeks@icloud.com or mobile 0403 018728.

Find my Facebook page here

Warm regards

Helly Beks
the Healer’s healer

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Pyramid power – protection, preservation, and amplification

For eons, pyramids have been considered to be structures of mystery and unseen power.  What  is this mystery?  How does a simple shape generate such energy?  How can you harness pyramid power in your everyday life, to use in a positive way?

I use crystal pyramids for protection in my home, and in my therapy room, to create a safe and uplifting energy.  But lately, I’ve noticed a ‘a few strange goings-on’, as they say, which has led me to research the potential of Pyramid power even further.

Q:  Why were two fresh lemons still in near perfect condition, with no signs of decomposition, SEVEN weeks after being left in a room containing crystals and enhanced by pyramid energy?

Q. Why did my unplugged EFTPOS device remain fully charged after a period of FOUR weeks, sitting in my desk below a drawer full of crystals, including pyramid clusters?  Usually, the battery power is depleted after one day.

Q:  Why does a crystal pyramid become hot to touch, when placed over torn pieces of paper on which negative words are written?

16 fascinating facts about the pyramid shape

  1. Pyramids are part of the sacred geometry of forms, which includes the circle, pentagram, hexagon, pentagon, flower of life and so on.
  2. This shape combines the cube and circle, thus symbolically (and metaphysically) connecting Spirit and Human, Heaven and Earth.
  3. The apparent success of the pyramid is due to mathematical laws and equations.
  4. Pyramid shapes can generate electrical energy that produces startling effects.
  5. The shape is the key factor – a violin shape resonates sound, a pyramid shape resonates energy.
  6. Scientists, parapsychologists, electrical engineers and home enthusiasts are experimenting and discovering that a pyramid can alter whatever falls within its energized walls.
  7. Pyramid energy has been created, tested, measured and recorded by specialist all over the world.
  8. Energy flows like water, making the pyramid the perfect shape for channeling energy.
  9. The shape is a natural amplifier-receiver or resonator of various kinds of energy fields and generates harmonious, balanced frequencies.
  10. Pyramid structures are used to treat all health problems, including cancer, mental illness, migraines.  Patients Mediatate/sit within an open pyramid structure on a regular basis, and healing occurs as the DNA is realigned.
  11. Wearing a pyramid /conical shaped apparently alleviates migraine headache, and also improves memory, clarifies thought, and enhances intuition and insight.
  12. A pyramid also creates a sphere of harmonious vibes around itself, with the apex also emitting a beam of white light, which can often be captured in photos.
  13. Pyramid shaped crystals or crystals clusters combine the benefits of the pyramid energy AND the crystal energy, making them very powerful, positive, energy vibe in your home or workplace.
  14. The pyramid needs to be aligned North/South for maximum effect. Use a compass and align one face with magnetic north to harness the full power. (I’ve tested this…. it is true.)
  15. Pyramids have been proven to preserve food, improve the FLAVOUR of food and drink, keep batteries fully charged, keep razor blades sharp, enhance plant health… the list has unlimited potential to grow!
  16. A black tourmaline pyramid placed under the bed will usually alleviate night terrors, and restless sleep.

So, I encourage you to use the pyramid energy, particularly with crystals, to add a more harmonious and healthy vibe to your life, everyday. Have fun!

Perhaps pyramid power is the secret of youth!  Perhaps Cleopatra knew something that we are only just discovering again!  What do you think?

Warm regards

Helly Beks – Heavenly Earth Projects
Forensic Healer – Advanced Energy Healing Practitioner
Spiritual Healer and Teacher
Crystal Therapist
Workshop Facilitator

Are you ready to clear your invisible blocks and reconnect with your inner wisdom?

Find out more or book a session

Join the growing list of people who make these kind comments after their advanced Forensic Healing consultations with Helly

  • I could talk to you for hours, about things that my friends or family wouldn’t understand.
  • I feel so much better, thank you.
  • I feel so much lighter.
  • I feel so free.
  • I feel a foot taller.
  • I feel so much more energised.
  • My pain has disappeared.
  • My pain level is significantly reduced.
  • I feel so much more confident and strong.
  • I gained more business clients after one week and have been consistently fully booked since our session.
  • After clearing my personal energy, my new business contracts have doubled in value in one month and are consistently climbing….. without any extra effort from me.
  • The mystery pain in my side has disappeared.most grateful and surprised….
  • I am sleeping so much better.
  • I am calmer and don’t get anxious or annoyed anymore, even in gridlocked traffic!
  • I have gained clarity and answers which have truly been an amazing help.
  • You have no idea how much you have helped me, thank you so, so much.
  • I have let go of that childhood issue for good.
  • I am so much more empowered, and understand so much more now.
    Find out more here











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