Essential Essences

Divine Alchemy
– Activated Essences to
lift your vibration, and expand your consciousness


All essences are created by Helene Beks, using the process of Divine alchemy.  The multi-layered frequencies in each spray are developed over weeks and months, using crystal vibrations, harnessing planetary influences, evolutionary light code frequencies, cosmic energies of New Earth consciousness, and activations from our higher dimensional Divine teachers, healers and facilitators.


The ESSENTIALS range comprises four alchemical sprays for daily maintenance of your energy field, and connection to the higher realms of consciousness:

CLEANSE – cleanse your crystals, your aura, and uplift your space. A potent spray that is great for home, office, car, baby and children’s rooms, to clean up those negative vibes that dull your sparkle!

Bespoke Crystal Essence
Essential oils include lemon scented tea-tree, eucalyptus, lemon myrtle, sandalwood
Energised  and activated by St Germain, and sacred geometry

CALM – de-stress, relax and calm the emotions, with angelic vibrations. This calming and nurturing spray helps babies sleep, soothes upset children, and helps provide harmony in the home. It helps calm stress after a busy day at work, and is also helpful during times of grief, anxiety, insomnia, and sadness. This spray has a very nurturing, compassionate quality.  Use after the CLEANSE spray, to enhance your sparkle even more!

Bespoke Crystal Essence
Essential oils include Lavender, rose, chamomile
Energised and activated by Quan Yin, and sacred geometry

PROTECT – Shield yourself from harmful EMFs from mobile phones, computers and TV. Protect your aura from the energy of others around you, and also from psychic attack. This is also a grounding spray and will boost your energy. Use at work, on public transport, at shopping centres, in children’s bedrooms, in your car, and before you step out into the world for the day. Use after the CLEANSE and CALM to protect your sparkle!

Bespoke Crystal Essence
Essential oils include lavender spike, rosemary, lemon, eucalyptus, clove
Energised and activated by St Germain, sacred geometry

ANGEL AURA crystal room spray.

Fill your space with joy and lightness of being. Divinely aromatic to invoke feelings of comfort and joy, and infused with crystal vibrations and angelic frequencies to bless and uplift your home. This truly is the signature spray of the season 💖 and is a perfect gift for yourself or a friend.

With a spicey aroma, reminiscent of Christmas, you can use this spray all year round for meditation, and to lift your vibration into the higher dimensions.

Bespoke Crystal Essence
Essential oils include clove, nutmeg, lemongrass
Energised  and activated by Archangel Gabriel, Ascended Master Jesus, Devas of Faith, Joy and Forgiveness, sacred geometry

$33 each
plus postage,

To purchase, email or call Helene Beks 0403 018728, in Melbourne.

The sprays contain a small quantity of alcohol to maintain the quality and extraction of the essence.  The alcohol has been alchemised to prevent detection by or irritation to the human senses.

BESPOKE sprays also available for special events.  Contact Helene Beks on 0403 018728, Melbourne, Australia.

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