Forensic Healing

Forensic Healing is an advanced energy healing system, which investigates and clears, the root cause of your condition. It combines intuition, kinesiology, energy healing, hands on healing, spiritual healing and other highly effective healing methods, to free your mind, body and soul of pain, stress and other unwanted conditions.

Combining logic and intuition, Forensic Healing empowers you by providing the answers to why something occurs in your life, and releases the emotional, spiritual and physical blocks, so balance and harmony is restored.

This energy therapy is most suitable for those who are consciously on a path of personal/spiritual development, and seeking to: understand how to ‘be your own guru’, and learn tools and affirmations to enhance your everyday life.


Common conditions which can be addressed are:

  • stress and insomnia
  • feelings of disconnection
  • invisible blocks – career, relationships, finances
  • mystery or chronic conditions, that do not respond to conventional medicine, or other natural therapies
  • fear, shock and trauma
  • childhood issues
  • generational / past life issues

If you are ready to find your peace, feel more empowered, and live with passion and purpose, then Forensic Healing can assist you. Each session peels away a layer, for your ongoing, personal wellbeing.


  • clarity
  • personal empowerment
  • peace
  • harmony
  • personal growth
  • soul reconnection
  • enhanced intuition
  • more ease
  • emotional wellbeing