Welcome to the Home Page for Heavenly Earth Projects – Divine Alchemy for Personal and Planetary ascension – and New Earth Consciousness.  This is a Website promoting the work streams and New Earth Projects of Helene (Helly) Beks. She is committed to creating and providing Services, Products, Consultations and Training, that activate and expand your consciousness, and enhance your everyday life experience.  Helene is a Divine Alchemist and co-creates Vibrational essences, with the beings of Light, to elevate your vibration and activate evolutionary light codes in your DNA.

Helene is a Starseed, Energy Practitioner, Alchemist and Oracle, and draws from her ancient gifts and wisdom, as well as her modern skills as an Investigator and mentor.  She has personally walked the path of difficulty and disconnection from Soul Purpose, and found her way back to Source and the rich potential that lies within.


Helene can see the pure potential within all human beings, and is dedicated to facilitating YOU to embrace your Purpose and personal freedom. She believes that we are our own Guru, and all answers lie within.   We can also engage the help of our Masters and Teachers who are the Beings of Light in the Higher Dimensions.  Energy Healing, DNA activations, Vibrational Essences, Teaching Workshops and Mentoring, are some of the streams of her Work for PERSONAL and Planetary ASCENSION to the NEW EARTH.


To read more about Helene’s work, view her Testimonials to see what others think, or read the wisdom she channels from the Beings of Light.   For personal mentoring, intuitive guidance and activation sessions, via phone, you can contact Helene via email heavenlyearthprojects@gmail.com for further information.


Find out about her Essential essences and Ascension Activation sprays, and if you are interested, these can be purchased or experienced within her workshops and classes.  Helene can also create Bespoke vibrational sprays or balms for your particular Sacred Mission or special event.

Helene has a social media presence on Facebook, and Instagram, and also invites you to contact her to speak at your event, or facilitate a workshop.  Email: heavenlyearthprojects@gmail.com

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