Pisces Full Moon 26 August 2018 – 7 Keys to wonder-full relationships

Dive into the emotional depths of your very Being and retrieve the pleasures you have been seeking for eons!  Leave your self doubts, and fears and heartache, on the ocean floor.  Your time to conjure up a new relationship with yourself, and the ones you love/desire, starts now!  Revel in the WONDER during this Full Moon gateway, and ascend beyond the constraints of the human mind.  Let go of the need to control solutions and outcomes, and surrender to the Magic of Source energy.

It’s been a dramatic year for most of us…. big changes, dramatic shifts, heartache, loss, emotional upheaval, a roller coaster of ups and downs, as almost everything we have believed to be true has been shaken to the core.  Yet, 2018 is heralded as our year to shine like never before… to get back to our authenticity, our self-realisation and alignment with our soul mission, our soul family, and in many cases, our Divine Soul Counterpart (Twin Flame).  As this transformative year started, little did we know that almost EVERY aspect of our mind, body and soul would be up-ended and stripped bare, to allow fresh polish to be applied to our framework. Now we can learn how to gently and lovingly appreciate and buff up our sense of identity and purpose, with the wonder and loving care that we deserve to give ourselves.

Old habits die hard, and it’s comfortable to get stuck in our old thoughts and beliefs, yet, these become blocks when we are not open to the constant change that is our personal evolution.  Nothing remains the same, everything is transferable, and what was true for us yesterday does not always fit with the New Earth matrix of today. The Universe has made it clear, that in this important stage of our evolution to 5D consciousness, we must change the way we live, think and BE.  Everything must change to allow our personal expansion.

The big picture – where are we going?

It’s about alignment with the fullness and constant expansion of our authentic self, stepping into Oneness with all that is, embracing our sacred mission, and finding our satisfaction in every moment.  It’s about balancing our yin and yang, ascending beyond needing another human being to fill that emptiness within, and filling it with our own joie de vivre. But, don’t be too hard on yourself, it’s the journey not the destination that’s important here, and the journey is supposed to be rewarding, interesting, satisfying and the very reason for the road trip.  It’s what you discover along the way that makes the adventure memorable and satisfying, and allows you to grow and expand, and sift and sort, and create new, more exciting desires.

Pisces Full Moon Energies – the 7 keys

So, here we are, on the 23/8/2018, standing powerfully at the entrance of the 7-day gateway surrounding the Pisces Full Moon energy on 26/8/2018.  I have specifically tuned into the Ascended Masters Mary Magdalene, and her Divine Male Counterpart, Jeshua (Jesus) for this reading, which seems appropriate, considering the key theme is harmonising our relationships.  They tell me that if you choose to harness and work with the Universal energies and opportunities available, then this will catapult you to a level of joy, success and fulfillment in your relationships going forward, that you never thought possible.  Here is their guidance to making the most of this Pisces full moon gateway for 23 August 2018 to 29 August 2018, and going forward over the next weeks and months.

  1.  Clear your emotional energy.
    Emotions are running high during this period, and you may be wondering where they are coming from.  Old energy/emotional triggers that you may have been carrying for many lifetimes, or many decades, are popping up so you can take this opportunity to notice the trigger and shift your point of view.
    Call upon St Germain and use the Violet Flame to transmute any negative energy, or use our St Germain – Violet Flame vibrational spray with intention.  Find out more here
  2. Shield yourself from lower vibrational energies at this time
    Energies are amplified during the full moon alignment, so you’ll want to pay extra attention to shielding yourself from the emotional outbursts or psychic attack of others.  Call upon your Guardians such as Archangel Michael, and/or fill your aura with bright gold and white light so you only attract light and love.  Keep your thoughts positive.  You can also use our Heavenly Earth Projects ‘Protect’ vibrational spray,   Find out more here
  3. Honour your sensitivity
    It’s been a tough year energetically, as we have been riding the wave of the ascension frequencies and activations.  The body is always the last to catch up.  Honour your sensitivity and retreat to recharge and heal.  You can call upon Ascended Master Hilarion of the Green Ray, for Divine Healing – he has stepped forward to offer his services to you at this time.  Your increased light can then support others.  In addition, you can use our GAIA – Heavenly Earth vibrational spray to connect with the Green Ray healing and regeneration frequencies of GAIA and Archangel Raphael.  Find out more here
  4. Your #1 relationship is YOU
    Unconditional self love is the key to developing harmonious relationships with others.  Take a look at yourself in the mirror and treat yourself with kindness and compassion.  Forgive yourself for the moments you are not proud of.  Have you burned bridges and now have regrets?  Do you feel unworthy of your dreams?  Do you feel not good enough, not capable enough, not brave enough….?  Develop a loving relationship with yourself, and you will then attract new relationships (business or personal) based in harmony also.  It is Law.  Call upon the Deva of Hope, who has offered her services to you at this time.  She will help you open to the frequencies of love and acceptance, and assist you in recognising your self worth.
  5. Spend time in contemplation
    Silence is golden.  Spend time in contemplation and silence.  Release the need to control outcomes and open up to the wonder of the Divine.  Truth will be revealed, and deep insights will come in the form of downloads and understanding.  Journal your insights.
  6. It’s never too late, and you are never too old!
    You are worthy of your dreams, and your dreams, however big or small, are worthy of manifestation.  This is your birthright, and your sacred mission!  Live large… create a vision board to get the ball rolling. Don’t allow your negative experiences of your past limit your future. If you want to start a spiritually based career, then do it.  If you want to experience the ultimate, intimate, Divine Love relationship with another Human Being, then take that leap of faith and go for it.  The Universe has your back.  Be open to miracles and allow the magic and wonder of Source energy to pave the way for you.  ‘Courage does not require you to be perfect, but simply to accept your imperfections’ – Joan of Arc. Call upon Joan of Arc or use our Joan of Arc – Divine Courage vibrational spray to channel her victorious energy.  Find out more here
  7. Believe and receive!  Transformation and illumination is here for you!
    Divine Alchemy supports you in moving beyond your current challenges at this time… that bridge you burned can be recreated in rainbow light!  Focus on what you desire, express yourself, harness the frequencies of positivity and joy by doing what you love, align with your Inner Being and allow the inspiration to flow.  Through this Cosmic gateway, your magnetic thoughts are powerful.  Miraculous changes are occurring if you allow them in!  Our Venus – Divine Alchemist vibrational spray is due to be released soon!

The joy is in the journey!  You are much loved.

Helene (Helly) Beks

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