My clients are very generous with their praise, as they progress on their healing journey.  I very much appreciate the opportunity to be a conduit for the Universal Healing Energies, and catalyst for their further soul evolution.

These comments below are from mainly Melbourne based clients, and in most cases their names have been withheld to protect client confidentiality.

Hi Helly. Just wanted to thank you so much for the healing process that I’m enjoying since your workshop.  I’ve been meditation everyday which has been lacking in my life for sometime now.  I am actually now able to stay still.  And the best part is I am losing fear. So thank you!  You are a beautiful lady and you certainly inspire me.  Love Katie, xo Melbourne.

The best healer I have ever met. Helly is the real deal and I thank my lucky star for having been recommended to see her. – Natalie Heslop 24/01/18

THANK YOU! You are truly an Angel and know that your words have helped me beyond comprehension. x

Feeling more grounded in my own energy….. Lots of ‘Ah Ha’ moments… feeling very calm.  Thanks for your excellent work!

Hello Helly! I just wanted you to know I feel so much lighter and connected after our session.  It was such a release and such a healing.We definitely did something wonderful together tonight.  Thank you!  I feel such a weight of heaviness has been transformed into something beautiful.  You are very gifted Helly.

Helly Beks has helped me tremendously with depression and reading people’s energy. Out of all the help I’ve tried to get over the years none have come close to what Helly has done for me. She was able to cleanse all negative energy off me, helped me control my emotional pain, helped me to find my purpose in life, guided me and given me strength. those who suffer depression would benefit greatly from Helly in so many ways! 

I myself am a Healing Channel. I have had the pleasure of attending an Abundance workshop with Helly on Sunday 23rd July. I have experienced many shifts since. My Abundance of all things positive has increased amazingly. I have followed up from the workshop with a personal Healing session with Helly and am totally centred in my own power, with foresight and clarity.  Helly Beks is a Blessing in my life and our world. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking removal of blockages and healing. –  Lotus Sylph

And this beautifully detailed report…
I felt an overall feeling of lightness, wellbeing and a definite feeling of gained height after the session.. Almost as if I had gained another foot in height and was able to over look and see more than usual.  The house had a much better vibe to it when I arrived home and X was in a very happy mood.  This allowed me my time to relax and enjoy the ambience of the house again – it had been a while!  I did pour a glass of very nice Riesling to celebrate but after half a glass my body told me to make a honey and lemon drink which was just perfect.  I had no bloated feeling after my evening meal and no reflux whatsoever.

I noticed that one of my molar teeth (top right hand rear) that had been bothering me with a niggling nerve pain felt just fine.

On retiring to bed I felt my breathing was more relaxed. My usual sleeping positions were no longer comfortable so I reverted to an old sleeping position (flat on my front/chest/stomach) and had a fairly good nights sleep. Some tossing and turning probably due to the position I was in but the sleep I did get was of a very good quality. I awoke with some lower back pain but no neck pain – hence the need, as mentioned below, to do some more lengthy stretching exercises on arising.

I awoke feeling very invigorated and ready to start my day. I noticed a strange metallic taste in my mouth when I awoke which I attributed to the detoxification and Chernobyl. I still had a feeling of gained height and lightness, straighter spine as well as feeling my body was well into its detoxification phase.There was an enhanced desire to exercise and get moving plus the need to do some longer periods of stretching than usual.

Throughout the course of today I have had constant clarity of thought and no anxiety whatsoever – even in the hideous rush hour traffic!  As was the case last night there was no feeling of bloating after eating and no reflux. My gut area felt and still feels very relaxed and not as heavy as usual.

Another interesting aspect was I feel I have improved and clearer vision.
So, that’s all pretty good, I feel, considering we aren’t even at the 24 hour mark.  I hope some of the above fits in with your expectations and helps. The session has certainly been very beneficial as far as I am concerned and I look forward to maintaining this and improving on those areas through our sessions.