cropped-brochure-picture-FB-header2.jpgIf you need help to clear your past so you can move on with clarity, direction and peace, I can assist you.

Are you ready to feel LIGHTER, BRIGHTER and more FREE? Are you ready to re-connect with your INNER GURU – and trust your intuition?


Whether it be our upcoming workshops or a SKYPE session, I can assist you with Forensic Healing and Intuitive guidance to help you get to where you want to be.


Experience clarity, direction, and the soul-trust and soul-reconnection process, during bespoke sessions.


cropped-brochure-picture-FB-header2.jpgHealing and Intuitive Guidance **

“Do you feel ready to clear the issues that are blocking your sense of peace and personal freedom?  Are you ready to allow more ease, more freedom, more of you, to flow forth in your everyday experience?

Common conditions experienced by my clients are stress, relationship issues, workplace conflict, insomnia, anxiety, fear, mystery pain, confusion about life direction, and generational issues.  I can help you feel better, feel more empowered, and feel more free!

Skype Service –  60-minute session  – $80
Mobile Service – Personal visit Melbourne and surrounds   – 75-minute session  – $147

cropped-brochure-picture-FB-header2.jpgPrivate coaching sessions – ‘Learn how to be your own guru”

I teach you how to regain your sense of personal peace, and empowerment, so you can live your everyday life with more ease and optimism.  Working with the logic of metaphysics, and YOUR innate intuitive powers, each session is a catalyst for on-going positive change, as you learn to be your own guru and co-create your life, YOUR way.”

Skype Service –  60-minute session  – $80
Mobile Service – Personal visit Melbourne and surrounds   – 75-minute session  – $147

cropped-brochure-picture-FB-header2.jpgAngel Readings

What do you need to know right now? 
This beautiful session brings authentic encouragement and wisdom from your Angels and Guides. 

Skype Service – 30 minute session – $37
Skype Service – 60 minute session – $67

 Appointment times:

Evenings:  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday   6pm to 9pm
Days:  Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday  11am to 4pm

Methods of payment:

Secure Debit/Credit card
Online banking

profile photoEnquiries and appointments:


Call or SMS Helly on 0403 018728

Helly Beks (Dip. FHS)

Energy Medicine Practitioner
Associate Member IICT

** (encompassing a variety of modern and traditional energy healing techniques, including Forensic Healing, Access Bars, visualisation, and meditation, by harnassing the power of the Universal Healing Forces.  Healing is non-invasive and clients remain fully clothed during the session.  Energy Medicine complements, but is not a substitute for conventional medical treatment.  Always consult your General Practitioner if you are concerned about your health.)


Sharing some feedback from a recent EMPATH workshop:

“Just wanted to say a big thank you for your guidance and teachings today, I appreciate it so much. I truly feel it added to my growth as a person and will help me on my journey. Your work is amazing and I hope to see you around in the future. I’m genuinely grateful. Looking forward to your future workshops…wherever they are! I’m extremely hungry for this growth. Xx” Alicia P.

And more feedback from a client after a bespoke Healing and Guidance session.  The intention for the session was for her to ‘feel peaceful, and more open to Spirit’, and included our Soul Reconnection process:

“I feel amazing. All my senses are amplified and my heart space is really warm. Thank you so much. Xo” – Nikki R.






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