2019 Energy Report – Get your glow on!

Beautiful Beings, have you moved on from 2018 yet?  It was our year to shine…. which meant that anything that is dulling our authentic way of being came up for our attention.  Fears, doubts, old beliefs, transition of a loved one, family, relationships, career, health… anything that blocked our sense of self worth, personal freedom, and sense of joy and peace, showed up as a lesson to activate our remembrance of who we truly are.

None of us are immune to personal growth and expansion… and it can be challenging, and painful!  Personally, I had several of the ‘big ticket’ items show up… which showed me clearly what I needed to let go of, and implement, to achieve more balance in my life.  The ultimate act of self love.  My Spirit guide Melchizedek (who makes me smile whenever I connect to Him!) advises me to “…be grateful for your pain and sorrow, for this signifies growth and expansion.  Surrender into it, don’t try and resist it, allow it to flow through you and say “I AM grateful for this clearing and expansion’.”  Allow the Divine resources to bring healing through.

So, with the new moon energy partial eclipse energy still with us, it’s time to simply FOCUS on the NEW, and stop beating the drum of the past… hand it over to Source and give it no more attention.  The Universe reminds us that it only sees us beautiful, divine, gifted, light, expansive, strong, and loved beyond measure.  Be that empty vessel which allows the illumination and enlightenment of Source energy to flow through at all times.

THREE KEY THEMES for 2019 – Self Love, Oneness, and Liberation!

Here are the key themes that the Universe is recommending that we focus on this year, to really get our glow on!  When we glow, we light up the world!

1. REFLECTIVE TRUTH – Identity, Self-Love, Acceptance

A new version of you is emerging…. who are you?  Look in the mirror, and re-evaluate your sense of identity.  Forgive yourself.  This year, take time every day for rest, meditation and contemplation, and allow the truth of the pure potential of who you really are, to reveal itself.  SURRENDER to SOURCE.  Allow the unfolding of this over time – the joy is in the discovery, the excitement of new horizons and adventures on your personal path, and soul mission.  You are a work in progress.

  • discover the truth of you, and accept your greatness
  • remember the Universe is making magic behind the scenes, be patient and allow.
  • use the all inclusive Law of Attraction which governs our existence, and FEEL for what you want, as if it already exists.  Master your mind and choose the thoughts that uplift your vibration.
  • release all fear of being the authentic you.  Ignore the points of view of others, avoid comparing yourself with others, and KNOW that you are exactly where you need to be.
  • take that LEAP of FAITH, and bring your dreams into reality.  This is your year to take ACTION.  The Universe has your back.  Follow your guidance and take the steps.  Whatever brings you joy, peace and WONDER!

The recommended companion Heavenly Earth ascension sprays to work with are: BLOSSOM… find out more and  MEDITATE… find out more

2.  ONENESS – Balance, Patience, Divine Masculine

  • Personal Balance is essential to your sense of self worth.  Whether you are male or female, understand that we all have Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energy that makes up our Being.  This year, strive to balance our Earth Mother’s nurturing LOVE with the creative PASSION energy of Father Sky.
  • Bring the cosmic starlight down through your crown and upper chakras, and draw up the nourishing, grounding EARTH energy through your feet and lower chakras, to meet and merge in your HEART CENTRE.  This is ONENESS, when all your chakras feel alive and in balance.
  • Emotional balance is key… follow your heart, and temper it with discernment, clarity and wisdom. The Divine Masculine energy allows you to feel safe, creative, and worthy of your place upon the planet.  Light up your solar plexus with self worth, nurture the creative seeds of your sacral chakra, and ground your creations, through joyful action, via your base and Earth star chakras.  Let your love of your sacred work, whatever it is, drive the momentum of your success.

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3.  LIBERATION – Power, Self-fulfillment, Self-Attainment

The culmination of Self Love and Oneness, results in personal Liberation!

  • by fully loving yourself unconditionally, accepting your greatness, and balancing your own personal yin and yang, you experience the gift of personal liberation.
  • reclaim your power, remember who you are, step up to your true potential, and be loving as you do so.
  • this forward momentum on your ascension path invokes initiation frequencies to unfold, as you commune with your soul and purpose, and you journey on your path of regaining your SELF MASTERY.
  • remember to PLAY!
  • remember to be patient and enjoy the process.
  • enjoy the journey, for this is your LIFE’S WORK.  This is who YOU came to BE.

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Much love and Divine Blessings to you for 2019. Remember.. we signed up for all this!  Why not make it your best year yet?!  You are worth it, Beautiful Soul!

HeleneB xx
8 January 2019

Oracle Decks used to guide and clarify this Reading:
Angel Tarot Cards – by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine
Magical Dimensions Oracle Cards and Activators – by Lightstar

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