The Twin Flame Story – our personal Journey into Wholeness, for the good of humanity


IAM the Alpha and the Omega

The Twin Flame story goes way beyond the human aspect.  Rather than it being a story of the ultimate romance, it is a story of powerful restoration of our own soul back to wholeness, Unity Consciousness, and ultimately into Oneness with all of Creation. 

This story has been explained to me by the Twin Flame aspects of the Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ Twin souls, as they have led me through the understanding of my own Twin Flame relationship over recent weeks.  But first, here’s a short clarification of the various types of human relationships that we experience over our various lifetimes as human beings.

Karmic relationships, Soul mates, and Twin Flames

Karmic relationships are those which we have carried forth from previous incarnations, and we have karma to settle, and lessons to be learned. They are ‘un-finished business’, so to speak. They are here to teach us a particular lesson, and once learned, and the karma settled, they often finish and we move on.  They are generally bound in conflict and are often only connected at mental level, rather than heart or soul level.  They can be with work colleagues, family members, friends, lovers, or people who come in and out of our lives relatively briefly.

Soul Mate relationships are with members of our Soul group – indeed our Soul group can be scattered all over the World.  They are members of our tribe….. those people we meet and instantly connect with, and often feel we have met before.  Soul mates share similar karma and lessons, and once resolved, we continue to feel that connection and friendship.  Soul-mate relationships can be with friends, lovers, family members, and generally produce the most romantic partnerships.  A deep soul connection exists and we can often feel a deep loss when we are not connected to them.  Soul mates generally walk similar paths, have similar interests, similar divine gifts and attributes, and a similar purpose in life.  We have many soul mates at the same time.  Soul–mate relationships comprise the majority of successful relationships experienced by couples on the Earth-plane today, however, this type of relationship is still stuck in duality, because dependability and attachment to each other exists.

Twin Flame relationships are unique in that we only have ONE Twin Flame, and that Twin may not actually be incarnated at the same time as us.  This is THE most challenging relationship because it can only be fully realised at Higher Self level, and requires the human individual to become WHOLE at soul level, and independent of the complementary Twin.  All attachment and dependability must be relinquished.

How do Twin Flame Souls originate, and what is their purpose?

The original, created soul flame was split into Twin Souls, being the Female flame (The OMEGA) and the Male flame (The ALPHA), eons ago by Source. Each Twin has the same pattern of Divine identity.  Every human soul has a Twin Flame.  They may spend some lifetimes together and create karma between them, and spend other lifetimes apart.  However, their tie is eternal, and on some level, they are always aware of the loss of an aspect of themselves, similar to the unique experience of human twin babies.

The purpose of having a soul Twin Flame is for you to sub-consciously be drawn by a force that is so powerful, that you do not give up on life,  but are willing to seek personal wholeness through self-transformation.  YOU are the one who must change yourself, in order to truly embrace the authentic Twin Flame relationship.  Only then, can the fulfillment of true sacred union exist at human level. 

Twin Flames don’t often incarnate together, except for a higher, sacred purpose.  The connection of the Twin Flame Souls is specifically to serve a higher mission for the progression of humanity – a joint mission, where the contribution of each is opposite, yet complementary to the purpose.  But, at this time, many more evolved Twin Flames are incarnating (or are Walk-Ins) to assist in the raising of the consciousness of humanity, and seeding new frequencies for the New Earth.

  • When Twin Flames do incarnate together, the coming together is often chaotic and stressful, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, because they are unknowingly teaching and supporting each other in the personal transformation process.
  • They are two mirrors of each other, and they are there to reflect back at each other the truth of themselves. They reflect not only the beauty of themselves, but also their imperfections, limitations, attachments and emotional baggage.
  • Their human relationship is very intense and they often need to part, and work with the Higher Self of each other, before they can be in total union as human beings again. (Help with this can be requested of Ascended Master Twin Flame Couples – such as Mary Magdalene and Jesus, Saint Germaine and Lady Portia, Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus.)
  • Twin Flames also have many differences, such as age, background, geographic location, morals, beliefs, and income brackets, but they incarnate specifically to be the facilitator of the others growth and ascension.
  • In spite of their differences, the bond is such, that being together is like coming home. This knowingness, at soul level, helps them over many of the hurdles.
  • When physically separated, they still feel the bond, and can often hear each other’s thoughts, heartfelt sentiments, and sense the state of being of the other. They can communicate with each other in the higher dimensions of consciousness, to resolve karma and misunderstandings, to teach and assist each other and express their deep love.  Yet, human level verbal communication may not actually exist, and they may not be in human contact with each other at all.

Before Twin Flames can successfully re-unite in a Human relationship, each must come into personal wholeness, and restore their own Heart and Soul Identity into Unity Consciousness and Oneness. 

  • Each Twin must independently balance and complete his/her own Feminine (Omega/Yin) and Masculine (Alpha/Yang) aspects.
  • Each Twin must awaken to the soul’s purpose of Ascension into the Higher Self, by working through the illusion, and the human conditioning of the subconscious. Each Twin must individually develop the shine of their inner light, and then shine it out into the world, as a Human Being.    
  • Each Twin must become independently complete, authentic, empowered, free, and with inner harmony, without needing attachment to the other Twin. Self-responsibility, self-mastery and self-love is paramount.
  • Twin Flames do not own each other, but complement each other.
  • Twin Flames do not rely on the other to ascend, but must ascend individually. So, if one has already ascended beyond the cycle of reincarnation and exists in the Higher Realms, this one will continue to assist the unascended one with the sacred mission (e.g. Mary Magdalene and Jesus)

So, you can see why the Twin Flame relationship is the most challenging, yet the most rewarding – because you eventually come to realise that you are eternally loved, regardless of the state of the Human part of the relationship.  When you appreciate and embody that, you can notice and receive the signs and communications of the Higher Self of your counterpart Twin, and this is the most fulfilling, loving experience of all.

Never give up on your Twin Flame, but continue to receive, and send unconditional love to them from your Divine Heart and Soul, wherever they are.  And perhaps, one day, when you least expect it, their Human Being will re-enter your life, transformed, and ripe and ready to embark on your Sacred Mission together, for the greater good of humanity.  Persist, with what you know to be true, from your heart and soul.

‘I will not be silent, I will be heard.’  – Mary Magdalene

Helly Beks
Alchemist, Soul Practitioner
(with gratitude for the unrelenting, loving guidance, and support from her Twin Flame’s Higher Self)
22 March 2018
©2018 Helly Beks – Heavenly Earth Projects


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